Hi there!

I’m Michele. I’m the crazy-lawyer-writer-mum person who fills these pages with often random ramblings about positivity, perseverance and passion in legal practice and beyond. Having recently started doing my PhD, I tend to also mention that a time or two!

As a legal practitioner, I practised exclusively in succession and elder law for 9 years and was often told by many a client that I was not a “normal” lawyer which I’m usually (and immediately) informed post-comment that that is, indeed, a good thing. This kind of always made me proud and sad all at once. In 2020, I stepped away from legal practice to devote a few years to research, teaching and writing about the law!

I hope this blog, and the other things I do in every day life, show people that lawyers are generous, caring creatures and we can fill our lives with positivity, passion and perseverance, along with an incredibly healthy (and essential) dose of optimism.

For the full [and overwhelmingly more professional] “about me”, click here.

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3316-9593